バンコクで寝台列車のPDFチケットを印刷する Print a PDF ticket for the sleeper train in Bangkok


この記事を読むのに必要な時間は約 8 分 9秒だお。

Time required to read this article is about 8min9sec

バンコクのコンビニは複合機置いてないです  _(:3 」∠)_    There are no multi-function machine at convenience stores in Bangkok.


Two days before getting on the night sleeper train for Kuala Lumpur, it would be dangerous if I could not get a PDF version if it wasn’t a paper version? I started thinking.


I am thinking of printing from a smartphone with a 7-Eleven , as I do in Japan.

_(:3 」∠)_  一軒目は無し。二軒目も無し。しらみつぶしにコンビニ見ていきましたが、ローソンも、ファミマも置いてねー。二時間歩いて、バンコクのコンビニって複合機置いてねーんだ!って分かりました。

There is no first house. There is no second house either. I went to a convenience store to see all, but also Lawson and Familymart. I walked for two hours and not put a multi-function machine at convenience store in Bangkok I understand.


I was Considerably (´∀`*)

Terminal 21 mallへ行き、色々探しましたがスマホSHOPとかアクセサリーSHOP、修理屋さんがあるだけです。

I went to Terminal 21 mall and looked for various shops, but there are only smartphone SHOP or accessories SHOP, repair shop

ついに印刷SHOP発見。Fainally,I found shop.

ネットで調べると、ビジネスセンターやインターネットショップ?とかホテルのカウンターとかで印刷出来るとの記事を発見。グーグルマップでインターネット、printserviceで検索すると二軒発見しました。 一軒めはSukhumvitから徒歩で10分程度のインターネットカフェみたいなやつ。

If I look up on the net, business center or internet shop? I found an article that I could print at the counter of a hotel. We searched Internet by google map, printservice and found two houses. The first one is an Internet cafe for 10-minute walk from Sukhumvit.

行ってみる(´・ω・`) I went

はい、やってませんでした。次はSukhumvitからMRT に乗りNational Convention Centreで降りて、徒歩15分の店。

Yes, they did not do it. Next, take the MRT from Sukhumvit and get off at the National Convention Centre, and for 15-minute walk from the station.


I arrived, but it’s day off.

ガックリきて昼間だけど セブンでビール買って飲んで休憩。

I bought beer at Seven and had a break despite the daytime



Well, while showing the pdf on screen and thinking about something like going through it, I can print it elsewhere and walk around for about 15 minutes toward bts station ,,,

Internet Computer

INTERNET  COMPUTERって お店です。The shop named Internet computer


The place is a 5-minute walk from Sukhumvit Station between Sukhumvit Station and Promphon Station.


これを印刷してください と かわいい店員さんに見せます。

I said Print this and show it to a pretty salesclerk.


She said that you should send it by e-mail to the address written on the paper attached to the wall.






Send PDF via Gmail from my smartphone.
Print it and finish.
It was 30 baht. It’s expensive I guss.
It is 10 yen in Japan. I thougt there is something more expensive than Japan in Bangkok. (high-brand bags are expensive than in Japan)

I walked 16000 steps so far. I was exhaust , but it is relieved with this.

だけどもしもpdf画面見せて乗車オッケー出たら笑えるんですけど。_(:3 」∠)_

Even if I show the pdf screen and get allow of the ride, you can laugh

アジアコピーセンター asia copy center

印刷してもらって安心してウロウロタイム開始です。で すぐ近くにアジアコピーセンターというお店も発見しましたのでそちらでもいいかも。

I am relieved to have my print and started hang around time. So I also found a store called Asia Copy Center in the near by. so it might be better.


まとめ conclusion


There is no multifunction machine in Bangkok convenience store


There are several copy centers around Sukhumvit


If you search on google map, net cafe will also be hit. It was a cafe when I went thereit would be unrealistic. you should search by search word on google map ” copy center.”